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Look who turns 3 !!! Happy Birthday!!



Three years ago today, across the ocean a mom and dad celebrate the birth of their daughter who they have been waiting to meet.  Only to find out a short while later she has a extra special gene, Trisomy 21 is what they are told. Their hearts sank, joy turned to tears and future dreams and aspirations about their daughters future turns to despair.  You see, this little angel was born in a country that doctors bring the news of  this diagnosis with a quick, I am sorry and I encourage you to leave her here, so the state can come take her, there is NO HOPE for her future or yours with her in it.

Our daughter was born to very loving parents, and I believe whole heartedly they LOVED her! They cherished her and felt nothing but love when they left her at the hospital! I don’t want to go into more details, but I know this to be true. In her country of Ukraine, children born with Down Syndrome are given little hope, no future and no resources. They are seen as a burden to families and nothing more. SO many misconceptions and false teachings that come from doctors own mouths that make many of us who know better scratch our heads and say How can a medical professional believe such a thing?! They are placed in orphanages, that are less than desirable, and if not adopted by age five placed in adult mental institutions where many die within a year because it is very harsh and unimaginable living conditions.

Fast Forward to today…..Isabella is celebrated today in Ukraine and here with us! She was given the gift of life and she is living it to the best she can! When we saw her precious face on a little picture on Reece’s Rainbow, we said YES!! Yes, we will go and we will bring her HOME! She deserves to be in a family, she is WORTH IT! I can’t even being to tell you how many ways she has changed our family, all of us, for the better! If Isabella could talk to everyone today, I would like to think she would tell everyone to go take a look at Reece’s Rainbow and help some of the kids who are where she was. She laid in a crib every single day, wondering why she was laying there staring at her hand all day long. I don’t let my mind go back there to often because it makes my heart so sad for her.

So today HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Bella Boo!!! We celebrate the day you were born and celebrate the fact you were given to us!! Love you so much!!

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Here we go again……..

Well, here we go again…….. Rich and I said lots of times, we were done with adoption and adding on to our family. It was time for us to kick back and help both children adjust, learn, joy, love and help them to be the best they could be.

Well……while we are certainly doing that, we felt that nudge again! At first it was a gentle nudge and then a full push! LOL   We have found a little girl who we hope to make our daughter and who really needs to be in a family. You know it’s got to be God when it doesn’t make any sense, when it goes outside your comfort zone, and when doors open that you didn’t know even existed to begin with!

So here we go again, on a mission to a mission field where there is a child waiting to be loved and  to belong to a family. A mission field that is often lonely, often unpleasant at times, and often HARD! We are saying YES, send us, we will go!!!

Please cover us in prayer and follow our journey, as it usually is very exciting and we want to have all of you on it with us!

And if you feel lead to help give to our mission please click here.  Thank you!

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All is going good

Well all is going great for us. Our adoption process is moving along beautifully and the RR team is wonderful. We have had no problems so far and each team member has played an exceptional role in it. I am very thankful for our boy and will be happy to bring him home to our family. He is a very smart boy and runs and plays hard. The Ipad has come in very handy for us to help communicate and play with him. We hope court will be soon then the 10 day wait will begin after court. Thank you all for following our journey!


Here we go!

We leave this weekend, and we are beyond excited to go see our son. We will arrive in his country and have a day to get adjusted to the time and have an appointment for our official referral to go meet him. We then go the  following day to pick up the referral and hop on an overnight train of 15 hours to go to our son’s region. This is not a train as we think of I am told, but quite different and unique train. I will take pictures and try to post what it looks like, but we are not expecting much :-).  The bathrooms are quite unique in that they are squat  pots I am told, and they dump onto the rail road tracks, but I don’t mind, I am not going to have a vacation, this is a trip to go get our son and give him a future and hope!

We could not have made it this far without all of your friends, family and adoption community praying, donating, and cheering us on when we thought we could not go any further. Our God is an awesome God, and he cares about Tucker far more than we ever could, and used friends and family just like you to get us here where we are!

Please keep us in our prayers, we may have to raise money for airfare home, but I am being still and allowing God to control all things. I TRUST and have FAITH that God did not bring us this far and will leave us!  Thank you for following our journey and stay tuned for the moments that truly matter, THE KIDS!  We would like to do a diaper drive while we are over there and access the needs of the orphanage we are going to. Please, pray and consider helping us with this if and when we ask for help.


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One week away!

Well, here we are one week away from flying out to go meet our son! He has no idea what is about to happen, or how his life is going to change for the better! It is so hard to stay focused on work, and daily life here for this last week. My mind is already over there and gone! When I even stop and think about coming back home, I get very sad and feel my heart wanting to stay in Ukraine!  I can say I have ever felt that way about anywhere, or anything. Don’t know why I have these feelings for Ukraine, but I do.

As I sit here and pack my baby’s clothes, I am really missing her already. You see she will have to stay in Ukraine with my husband because of many different reasons, but this is what is going to work best for our family. Trust me I have tried to make it work to where she would be coming home with me, but it will be nice for her to be with Rich and be able to bond with her brother also while over there. Keep us all in your prayers for this, because I can tell you it won’t be easy, but it will BE worth it once we are all together in the end!

Thank you for following our journey and supporting us on this road. We look forward to posting updates and pictures of our journey to Tucker and looking forward to the day we meet him!

Let the 6 day count down begin!!!!!

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God moves mountains!!

Wow, what a week we have had! We can now say we have enough money to fly over to our son’s country and get him. Thanks to an anonymous donor who stepped up  to help us! I know my God is able, he is mighty and he moves mountains! If he has called you to it, he will equip you. Sometimes it is a struggle and I wouldn’t have had it any differently because I think that with the struggles it helps you embrace the JOY that comes from those struggles.  I am rejoicing in the SON right now, preparing our home, and our travel plans and counting down the days to go meet my son. I can not wait to look into his eyes and say WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! You are loved, you are wanted, you will never be alone again! You are our son! Just to embrace him in a hug, give him a kiss and just show him love , is going to be the best experience each visit we have with him! Thank you for following our journey and stay tuned for our travels. We fly out on May 26th and  we will get to see Isabella’s grandmothers for a few days too.

Thank you for your prayers, and support. We could not have made it this far without all of you! God bless you!!

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On our adoption journey I have been getting the same message over and over, Stop with self-reliance and trust HIM. Has it been easy? Oh far, far from it, so I being the type A personality that I am, always pick it back up and try it again. Well God, just keep letting me get knocked down, over and over, until I had to rely completely on him and lean not on my own understanding. Sometimes, I know it would be so much easier to just stop picking it up and rely on him, but that is just not me. Once I have turned it all over on him and not know where to go, what to do, how it was going to be done, but said “Ok God, I know you have this” Then and only then did I see him move on our behalf.

This week was one year my sweet dear nephew Isaac passed away. What a life he led, a legacy he left behind, a child who never spoke one word, but changed many lives. Our hearts hurt so much missing him and long to hold and kiss him, but we also know he now has his complete healing and is whole and in Jesus’ arms.  You see, one of the things he did was open the door for Rich and I to even consider a special needs adoption. We saw what it entailed when Isaac was born, it didn’t scare us, or make us weary. We knew what love Isaac has brought to our family, the smiles, trials, and joys he was. That is when we knew Hey we can do this! He opened the door for Isabella to have a family, not to live her life out in a cold dark, dreary orphanage with no one to hold her. God had a plan, a purpose and divine appointment for us to meet Isabella and make her our daughter.

Now here we are, on our way to bring home Tucker (not his name by the way), a child with a heart defect. If anyone who knows me, was kind of shocked I was willing to take a child with a heart defect. But God lead us to Tucker and he will be our son no matter what the future holds. We think that his heart defect is not to severe, but there is no way of knowing until we get him home and have him checked out by a cardiologist. What ever it may be, we are prepared as a family to love him, and help him live the best healthy life he possibly can. You see, when God formed Isabella and Tucker in their mother’s womb, he did not intend for them to be left alone with no family, no hope and no future, he intended them to have a family. When we saw the need of these two children we answered a call, and said YES, we will be the family for this child and we   will love them just as you have loved us. See we adopt not to be the rescuers, we help the orphans because WE are the ones who were rescued !

We are still $5,500 short and we need those funds in our account a week before we leave so we can have it when we travel. Please pray for us, share our   need with family, friends and anyone you can! You never know who hear our need and can help us. We need your help, and so does one little boy half way around the world sitting there wondering where is my mommy?   As he watches children leave with other families. Thank you for your support in our journey! God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!

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We need HELP!

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

It is kind of hard to believe that we have been home 6 months with Isabealla who is now 17 months old.  It seems like yesterday, but then again, it feels like she has always been with us too! Never would I have even thought I would be starting over with a baby, and here I am going back for another little one. God just has a way of leading us down a path we never would have dreamed of, and once you get there you are blown away about how “right” it is! I can’t even begin to describe the JOY of being able to be a little one’s mother who had no one before.  My two oldest daughters never thought they would have a little sister to love and cherish, but now they do.

This time going back, it is my heart’s desire to be able to show others what it is like over there. What it is like in the orphanages and how the children must be feeling so for others to get a better understanding.  I want to break down some walls and some misconceptions others may have about these poor children just laying there and just plain ol EXISTING and not really living.

We need your help! We leave in 26 days  from today and we still need $7,098 before we can even travel! I have been worried about even booking our airline tickets. Please consider helping us out. We are doing back to back adoptions and it is NOT easy! I have done multiple fundraisers and you can look through this blog to see most of them! I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL I CAN AND  KNOW TO DO! Pray for us we need your prayers!



We have travel dates!!

We got a call on Friday with our travel dates! We will leave on May 27th and we will get to meet our son the same week! Hang on sweet boy, mommy and daddy are coming!  We are very excited to go get Tucker and meet him and tell him he is loved, wanted and he has a purpose in this world! Our daughters Tiffany and Brianna are very excited also, along with Isabella, even though she might not have a clue what is going on.

Please keep us in your prayers, and please help us with raising our funds! We committed to Tucker in Feb and here we are traveling in May. Not only is that fast, but we are doing back to back adoptions! We have gone from having two children to 4 children in less than a years time! But the very best part is, two of those children had NO ONE, no family, no one to tell them they are loved, valued, and worth so much in life! We are helping transform and change lives, helping change a destiny of an orphan is such a powerful thing!

Keep us in your prayers about what God will have us do while we are there too, how we can help the others who are still waiting and still have No Hope for their futures. I want to be used by God to help as much as I can, and to help another child who is waiting! Whether it be as simple as buying diapers, diaper cream, or stroking the head of a child laying there in silence, I want to be used by God for his purpose!

Thank you for following us on our journey and supporting us through it all!

We need our FSP to read $13,500 before we can even travel! Please consider helping us!

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USBORNE book Fundraiser

Who loves books for their children? A friend has graciously agreed to donate her commission check to our adoption fund on all sales we get until next Friday April 26th.  If you home school you don’t want to miss this opportunity with all the great books they offer, and if you aren’t to familiar with USBORNE books, please take a look. There is literally something for everyone! Take a look and let me know if you have questions! Thanks for helping us get Tucker home!!

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