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God’s Timing Matching Grant!

God’s perfect timing and peace is amazing! We have been applying for multiple grants through this entire process and each time been turned down. It is a hard pill to swallow each step you get closer and closer to going to get your child and you are staring down that huge Financial Mountain.  But God always has it in His control, and has His Plan, not ours, on how this will work.

I woke up this morning to some news from Angels In Disguise that they have approved our grant request and have offered us a $5,000 matching Grant! All I can do and say is I am humbled and honored to receive such a grant, from this organization and I am beyond grateful!  I wish I could hug all their necks who made this decision, of course I would be a blubbering mess crying all over them.  God is just so good, and I prayed for an Army to step up and help us, because I knew that is what it was going to take! Now I need an army to help us meet this grant! Will you be part of something BIG, a miracle that only GOD can create and orchestrate? Please help us meet this grant, and please cover us in prayers. As you know Satan will try all he can to foil God’s Plans, and when you are close to a victory, that is when Satan does all he can to stop it. GOD IS GOOD!! Thank you Jesus, for being faithful, for loving Emma, for going before us and for this HELP! OUR family is thankful and praise YOUR NAME!

OUR FSP ON REECE”S RAINBOW HAS TO READ $12,779.73 before we can receive this grant!! Please make your donations to our Reece’s Rainbow account  HEREhere

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Faith………the kind that takes your breath away.

**UPDATE** 7/25  WE MET OUR $500 MATCHING GRANT!! WE NOW NEED $13,900 to be fully funded!


So right now, we are about 5 weeks away from meeting our daughter. The reality of that, literally takes my breath away and keeps me awake most nights lately.  I stay awake wondering, will she like me, will she understand what is going on, and who we are coming for her. Will she have any medical concerns I will need to tend to right away. Many questions and such overwhelming concerns at times.  I cry also at night thinking how did I become so blessed to be mom to these incredible children God has given us. Isabella and Kolya have just grown so much in love and understanding of love and here I am lucky to be their mother. Tiffany and Brianna, are such wonderful big sisters to them also, and they too have shown so much love and understanding with them! I am a very blessed mother indeed!

FAITH…..that word alone, I will stand  and look at and think, No way do I have enough faith to complete this journey, but God showed me just tonight that I do! I have no earthly Idea where we are going to get the last $13,900 we need right now. I do not see it and I do not see a plan, but you know what I am doing inspite of my FEAR, my UNKNOWNS and my HOW IN THE WORLD  questions?!! I am emailing the NV asking for my GUZ number (part of the adoption process) so I can move forward and get my travel dates! I am also filling out our POA paper I need to take with me to China, AND I am also applying for Brianna and I’s Entry Visa into China, God showed me, that is practicing FAITH…..I am still proceeding and moving forward with the thought that this WILL BE COMPLETED! If I did not have FAITH, I would just sit back and quit! I am not doing that!! I am wore out, beaten down, more so than any of the other adoptions and I am so ready for this journey to be over. I believe God has a plan and he has the steering wheel and directing our journey.

So as I sit here breathless and tired and no clue how this will be done, I am asking for prayer warriors! I believe in the power of prayer and I am asking for my family that you cover us in prayers from now until we are home with Emma. God still moves mountains, and he loves Emma far more than we ever could. Thank you for following our journey and just ask everyone you know to just pray for us, The Brook Family. Thank you so much!

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We have a $500 matching grant!!!

As time draws closer and closer to me flying over and getting our daughter many feelings flood me. I know that we still need at least $14,800 before I can even consider booking the airplane tickets. All that money goes to plan fare, hotel fare, food, orphanage fee, and adoption fees that are to be paid in country. I have applied for many grants only to get that letter in the mail that says we did not get a grant. I have made many bracelets, sold Tshirts, MUDLOVE bracelets, held yard sales, did bake sales, sold furniture, kids clothes. worked and saved our own personal money to get us to this point. We are on the last leg of our journey and we need people to bring us home, to hold us up in prayer and to cheer us on.  I know God brought us to this point, God will see us through, but I still believe that God needs us to do our part as well. I have many long conversations with him through out the day and I pray for him to send the help we need.

A generous donor messaged me and told me they wanted to help us out and would like to offer us a $500 matching grant to our Reece’s Rainbow account. I thought wow!! Thank you God for answered prayers! We just need to get this grant met now. Would you please come along side of us, cheer us on, hold us up in prayer, and please donate to help us get this precious little girl home to a loving family. Every child deserves to have a family and we are answering that call, we said yes, we just need help getting to her. Thank you so much for your support and love to our family!!  You can make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION at the top of the page by clicking on Emma’s picture or where it says MAKE A DONATION. It will go towards our Matching grant!

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Traveling SOON!!!!

We should be traveling in about 9 weeks, maybe even a little less or a little more. This is the best we can do right now, watching time lines of others who have gone before us and talking to our agency. So where are we financially….well we still need $15,400! We have applied and been turned down by all the grants I could find that we qualified for, and as you know I have been fundraising and asking for help like crazy :-). Trust me when I say I hate fundraising, and asking for help. As a mom, I will do what I have to do to get this child home to a safe loving family.

Please share our need, you never know who God has been talking to, and you never know who God may use!  Pray for us, pray that God will open the doors that need to be open and that he will meet our needs. Thank you all for following our journey!

We are still selling the MUDLOVE Bracelets and this is what we have left. You can use the donate at the TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE to place an order. You just type which one you want in the notes section SHIPPING IS $2.50 for all orders.

The ones that cost $12 are: PLUS $2.50 SHIPPING


Be Brave     brown & burgundy

Be the Voice      gold & burgundy

Be Love      red & burgundy

Be the Change         grey , brown , turquoise , navy , burgundy

The ones that are $10 are: PLUS $2.50 for Shipping

Courage     brown & turquoise

Faith     red & burgundy

Forever    gold & grey

Heart      red & burgundy

Jer. 29:11    brown


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WE have LOA, so what’s next?!!!

So this past week has been a wild ride. We needed to raise $4,610 for our final fees knowing our LOA was coming. Once LOA comes, we can file our I800A which is immigration papers that need to get done and submitted to China so they will send us Travel Approval to come Adopt Emma. At least that is how I understand it all, and may have missed a few steps or called something different from it is since this is all new to me.
All I focus on is when they say “do this” I do it! And I focus on the NEXT fee. That is all I can do, it is like a walk, one step at a time. I guess you can kind of compare it to a mountain climb, you sometimes can’t see what is next over that next ledge, but you know you have to keep on moving and what you need to do to get to the top. So, I keep climbing and climbing, scraped knuckles, cuts, scrapes and tears!
Back to the fee we needed, I was fundraising like crazy and crying out to God, praying asking him to show me what I needed to do. Sometimes you don’t always get that little voice inside, or that audible voice, sometimes you just hear quietness, and feel the peace, and that is what I felt. We took all the cash, and buckets of change we had been saving up personally our selves and selling things, to the bank and asked for a bank check for all that we had in our account and cash/coins, then once we got that figure, I stood in the bank typed in my calculator and……Then laughed out loud as the clerk looked at me like I was crazy. Let me change the direction for minute and tell you that when you are adopting, you sometimes (well me) fix yourself on your FSP on Reece’s Rainbow. You study it so much that if there is a 10 cent change in it, YOU NOTICE IT, because you have that goal fixed, burned in your brain!! (Again, at least I do) Now back to the bank, the number that popped up on my calculator was the exact number our FSP was FIXED on for over a month, that I kept getting discouraged over, and thought “why isn’t this thing moving?!!” I know this might not mean anything to anyone, but right there and then I knew it was a GOD moment that he showed me, “I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING, I AM GOD!!” SO that is why I laughed like a crazy woman in the bank and felt the peace that passes all understanding. I don’t know why I always get down and think how is this ever going to happen, it is such a big task at hand, because God sends us messages all the time, and he answers prayers for us all the time. I wish I could be that Pillar of strength, never doubting he will provide and I know it will happen, but I am not. I will just keep walking down the path God has given me, and trust him more. Thank you God, for always showing up and showing me you are there, and I need not to worry. Thank you for the blessings you have given my family!

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We expect to have HARD LOA this week! What does all that mean? That means China said they were mailing our LOA letter or acceptance to us, and that is called SOFT LOA because it is not in our hands. Our agency said they will have the paper (HARD LOA) in their hands this week! This paper then allows us to send immigration paper work into UCIS. We were told last week they will not send our papers to immigration until we pay our last fee. This was a big one, and yes, have been saving several hundreds and hundreds of our own personal money from every paycheck that we possibly could. As you may remember, my husband drives a semi truck and in March he rolled it over and out of work for a while because of it. Thank you God he is still with us today, but that put our own personal financial status in a big strain, but God did provide for each bill, food, and need we had. We have spent a lot of HOME time, and not spending unless it was a NEED.
We are still short $1,940 now for our fee, and We are doing all we can to save it and get it.
Our Mudlove bracelets are back up in prices, I can not afford to sell them all at our discount price, and still be able to pay for them. So if you would like to order any please see prices below.

LOVE China red burgundy

LOVE Ukraine navy gold


Be Brave brown burgundy

Be the Voice gold burgundy

Be Love red burgundy

Be the Change grey brown turquoise navy burgundy


Faith red burgundy

Forever gold grey

Heart red burgundy

Jer. 29:11 brown

WE ARE ALSO making and selling essential Oils Jewelry, which are made from volcanic lava rock and allow you to apply your favorite Essential oils to them and wear them all day long. Here is the link to where we are selling them…. Essential Oils Jewelry.

We also have  BUY IN NOW PAGE, where we are selling items to raise the funds, and many items are from CHINA brand new!BUY IN NOW

And lastly but certainly not the LEAST, you can always make a donation to our PAYPAL account which is

I can’t believe it is so close to us going to get this sweet girl that we have been working towards since Last November. God is awesome and has been with us each step and many of you have too, and we THANK YOU! We can feel your prayers, and I can’t tell you how much that means to us, and I know it has gotten us through some rough points. Walking in FAITH and HE IS ABLE!!

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WE have Soft LOA and the hard copy will be in our agencies office next week!!! This is happening, FINALLY!! Will still need $2,800 more to pay our last agency fee to move forward. We will not be allowed to move forward until this is paid! Do you hear a mother’s plea right now, a mother’s heart wanting to get to her daughter?! Can you imagine someone telling you , you can’t move forward until you pay a fee. I am looking around my home trying to see what I can sell right now, where I can get this money from?!! I have to stop and remind my self in these moments that God goes before me, he loves EMMA so much, and God’s plan is better than MY Plan. I am going to do what I can and then turn it over the God and trust him
I am doing a FLASH SALE on the MUDLOVE bracelets for this weekend only!! Please look at the CUT IN PRICES, and help us get this fee and GET EMMA HOME!!   Please Add $2.50 for shipping on all orders please.


LOVE China red burgundy

LOVE Ukraine navy gold


Be Brave brown burgundy

Be the Voice gold burgundy

Be Love red burgundy

Be the Change grey brown turquoise navy burgundy

The ones that are $10 are:
Courage 8 brown 8 turquoise

Faith red burgundy

Forever gold grey

Heart red burgundy

Jer. 29:11 brown

mudlove bracelets 3 copyMudlove bracelets 2 copymudlove bracelets 4 copy

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Lava Rock Jewelry

We have a huge mountain in front of us friends, and I am in daily prayer about this need. We are pounding away and trusting God to help us get to Emma. Thank you so much for those who have been praying for us and helping us on this journey. I believe with God all things are possible!

I have started making Lava Rock Jewelry to help us with our fundraising needs. They have been a big hit, and I give God all the praise!  Lava Rock is very porous which allows you to wear your favorite essential oils all day long. Please share our website with all your friends and family who love Essential oils. Thank you for your support!

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Mudlove Bracelets!

mudlove bracelets 3 copy

Mudlove bracelets 2 copy

Mudlove bracelets 1 copy

mudlove bracelets 4 copy

We are selling Mudlove Bracelets that my niece Stephanie designed just for our adoption! Buy one, two, three or more! These not only help us fund our adoption, but proceeds also go to helping Africa with clean drinking water! We have different colors, and styles and only a select number of each one. The Chinese writing says ” I Love you forever”

I put how many I have of each color next to the style of the bracelet. Shipping is a flat $2.50 Domestically no matter how many you order.

So I will post below what is available in which colors!! I absolutely love these and hope to see a few on everyone’s arms!! Here is the break down of what we have.


The ones that cost $15 are:

LOVE China     9 red 10 burgundy

LOVE Ukraine     10 navy 10 gold

I Love You Forever    5 red  9 burgundy

Be Brave    9 brown 10 burgundy

Be the Voice     8 gold 10 burgundy

Be Love     10 red 10 burgundy

Be the Change        4 grey 4 brown 3 turquoise 4 navy 4 burgundy

The ones that are $10 are:

Courage    8 brown 8 turquoise

Faith     4 red 4 burgundy

Forever   6 gold 6 grey

Heart     6 red 6 burgundy

Jer. 29:11   15 brown


You can pay for the bracelets right here using this donate button:

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We are DTC! Dossier to China is what that stands for! God is so good, and has brought us to this point, I know he will see us through. I sometimes have to stop and tell myself, that God loves Emma so much more than we can love her, and he wants nothing but the best for her life. I am grateful for God’s provision as we walk this journey to give her a home, a family, siblings who are going to love her and encourage her to be the best she can be.  Sweet precious girl has no idea still that a family is praying and loving her from Afar.

As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, I am thankful for the blessings He has given me in my children, and soon to be grand-daughter. I can’t imagine how full my heart would be in this point in my life, but it feels so good!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there! And to the grand mothers too!


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