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In the daily life…

Our family is about to take a big step in a whole other direction. Daddy is about to go over the road and home on weekends for work. That being said, I still work full time as a case manager from home and maintain the home, and fundraise for our adoption.  Can anyone say YIKES with me?!  Yes, I am holding my breathe and trying to remain calm, but I think it is what it is!

Occasionally I hear, oh you work from home how nice!  Well, yes and no….I will not complain that I get to be there for lots of things that I normally would miss, but at the same time this really is a REAL JOB! I am being held accountable for many, many patients under my care daily and I have dead lines and time lines that if they are not done I reap the consequences of loosing my job. They don’t care I have a child vomiting on me or ripping my mouse out from under my hand or trying to close my computer on my hands while I type resetting all of it. But at the same time, I can hold and sing to the child that normally would be in a daycare.

Where we are in our adoption process is, we are awaiting fingerprint appointments and I am anticipating on getting that letter this week with the apt time and date. Then once those are done and approved our Dossier will be sent to China. I think we should be DTC in a month or so. We still need about $20,000 more to complete this adoption and I have applied for 4 grants so far and heard from Two of them we were denied. Keep us in your prayers as we transition to a whole new normal, pray for peace for me at home, and pray for our funding to come in. God has seen us to this point and I know he will not forsake us!

Thank you for following our journey with us!IMG_2428

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Essential Oils Fundraiser

Our family has been using Essential oils for about a year now, and me being a nurse I have to say I was the first to raise my eyebrows and think oils was crazy. Until one day I gave it a try, and was pleasantly SHOCKED when they really worked! We are holding an online oils class and doing giveaways to help us bring sweet Emma home. We applied for a grant and got a denial letter today. I have to say I was pretty down about that, but I know God has a plan and I will keep moving forward doing what I can to raise the funds we need. Here is the link to come join the online class this Thursday 2/26 and 8 Pm CST. Please help us by inviting everyone you know!

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This Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day! A day for love, and to give love, but of course we do this all year long too.  Today we will be doing a local fundraiser to raise the $3,000 we are needing for a fee that is coming up. We just paid out over $3,000 for multiple fees for our adoption of Emma. It is all worth it! If you would like to help us bring Emma home who has Down Syndrome and living in an orphanage there is a button on the right of this post, just click on her picture and it will take you to the tax deductible site. We would love prayers as we climb this big mountain of financial payments! Thank you for your support!

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God Loves Emma

Sorry I have not updated lately with the holidays and work, things were busy.  I wanted to bring you up to speed to where we are in the process and what has been done so far. So far we have paid out a $500 promise fee, $2.425 for our UCIS fee, agency application fee, and home study. Miscellaneous fees for documents needed for home study and dossier. All total it has been close to $4,000 paid out in all these fees.

The good news is, our home study is DONE, and approved this week!!! The next step if for us to wait to get fingerprinted and our dossier to be certified. With the time line we are going on right now, and things are always subject to change, we may be traveling to Meet Emma the end of summer!

We still roughly need to raise $25,000 still to say we are funded. But I know my God is able, I know he called us, and it is His will to see Emma in a family! Thank you all for following us on this journey. He is Faithful!!

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Do you shop on AMAZON?! You can help us, just by shopping!

We have an Amazon link that if you use to purchase all your stuff on, we will get a percentage of the sales. There is NO EXTRA FEES OR CHARGES FOR YOU! It is as simple as that, you buy something using our link, and we get credit for you shopping on our link! Please share with everyone you know to use our link! Every order counts!  Here is the link, save it on your favorites so you can use it each time.

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CHANGE DRIVE…..CHANGE the Future for Emma Grace!

For the Month of December we are asking all family, friends far and close to collect all their loose change for Emma Grace! Send it in to me by Jan 1st and the person or group to send in the most change wins a $100 gift card or money card, their choice!!! JOIN THE EVENT BELOW. LET US KNOW YOU WILL BE JOINING IN OUR OUR DRIVE! IF you have a group, women’s bible study, golf group, sewing group, Sunday School class, cooking classes, any groups, have them join in on the change drive and do it as a group!!!

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We have PA!!!

We are so excited to have pre approval from China for Emma Grace that is on Reece’s Rainbow! Now the hard work begins with all the paperwork and fundraising that needs to be done. Keep us in your prayers and continue to follow our journey here! Thank you God for your blessings!

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Awaiting PA

Well, just a quick update, we are waiting for PA from China. This Friday will be 3 weeks, and I am not to sure what I will do if it goes past 3 weeks. Hurry, and wait is the name of the game with Adoption. I can’t wait to be able to show and tell everyone who we are going to adopt. This child has waiting a long time for a family to call their own, and deserves to have a family. Stay tune, and I hope this week I will be able to finally share with you!

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Look who turns 3 !!! Happy Birthday!!



Three years ago today, across the ocean a mom and dad celebrate the birth of their daughter who they have been waiting to meet.  Only to find out a short while later she has a extra special gene, Trisomy 21 is what they are told. Their hearts sank, joy turned to tears and future dreams and aspirations about their daughters future turns to despair.  You see, this little angel was born in a country that doctors bring the news of  this diagnosis with a quick, I am sorry and I encourage you to leave her here, so the state can come take her, there is NO HOPE for her future or yours with her in it.

Our daughter was born to very loving parents, and I believe whole heartedly they LOVED her! They cherished her and felt nothing but love when they left her at the hospital! I don’t want to go into more details, but I know this to be true. In her country of Ukraine, children born with Down Syndrome are given little hope, no future and no resources. They are seen as a burden to families and nothing more. SO many misconceptions and false teachings that come from doctors own mouths that make many of us who know better scratch our heads and say How can a medical professional believe such a thing?! They are placed in orphanages, that are less than desirable, and if not adopted by age five placed in adult mental institutions where many die within a year because it is very harsh and unimaginable living conditions.

Fast Forward to today…..Isabella is celebrated today in Ukraine and here with us! She was given the gift of life and she is living it to the best she can! When we saw her precious face on a little picture on Reece’s Rainbow, we said YES!! Yes, we will go and we will bring her HOME! She deserves to be in a family, she is WORTH IT! I can’t even being to tell you how many ways she has changed our family, all of us, for the better! If Isabella could talk to everyone today, I would like to think she would tell everyone to go take a look at Reece’s Rainbow and help some of the kids who are where she was. She laid in a crib every single day, wondering why she was laying there staring at her hand all day long. I don’t let my mind go back there to often because it makes my heart so sad for her.

So today HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Bella Boo!!! We celebrate the day you were born and celebrate the fact you were given to us!! Love you so much!!

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Here we go again……..

Well, here we go again…….. Rich and I said lots of times, we were done with adoption and adding on to our family. It was time for us to kick back and help both children adjust, learn, joy, love and help them to be the best they could be.

Well……while we are certainly doing that, we felt that nudge again! At first it was a gentle nudge and then a full push! LOL   We have found a little girl who we hope to make our daughter and who really needs to be in a family. You know it’s got to be God when it doesn’t make any sense, when it goes outside your comfort zone, and when doors open that you didn’t know even existed to begin with!

So here we go again, on a mission to a mission field where there is a child waiting to be loved and  to belong to a family. A mission field that is often lonely, often unpleasant at times, and often HARD! We are saying YES, send us, we will go!!!

Please cover us in prayer and follow our journey, as it usually is very exciting and we want to have all of you on it with us!

And if you feel lead to help give to our mission please click here.  Thank you!

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